TableXplorer - explore your favorite table storage with ease

A rich UI client for browsing Azure Tables and Amazon SimpleDB.


TableXplorer Release History

11/04/2015 - Version 2.2

  • query window tabs can now be closed using the Ctrl-W shortcut.
  • added account shared access signatures (Azure Tables).
  • account shared access signatures can now be used along with the service (classic) shared access signatures for anonymous access (Azure Tables).
  • enabled querying table data using the standard OData syntax in the form $filter=...&$top=...&$select=... (Azure Tables)
  • Fix: when deleting rows the progress window didn't update properly.
  • Fix: when deleting all rows one row was still left in the query window.

08/31/2015 - Version 2.1 (Download)

  • re-implemented mass data imports, e.g. file/SQL Server import, data generation etc. to be faster, more efficient and less error-prone.
  • added ability to define and save often-used queries.
    Azure Table queries may include datetime placeholders %UTCNOW%/%NOW%, which will be replaced by the current (UTC) datetime from when the query is inserted. It is also possible to use an extended form, for example %NOW-6h% or %UTCNOW+1w%.

    The full syntax: %<UTCNOW|NOW>[<+|-><0-9><smhHdDwM>]%, where "s" - second(s), "m" - minute(s), "h" or "H" - hour(s), "d" or "D" - day(s), "w" - week(s), "M" - month(s).

07/24/2014 - Version 2.0

  • new revamped UI with the modern Windows-style ribbon.
  • Advanced data querying and filtering in the familiar "select * from" way using fast and lightweight JSON format where supported.
  • Inludes a powerful test data generator with predefined and customizable patterns.
  • Convenient inline-editing capabilities of data rows similar to SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Pattern search and match highlighting.
  • Advanced grouping and sorting capabilities.
  • Full support for Azure Tables and Amazon SimpleDB.
  • Truncate table/domain data with one click.
  • Manage table policies and build shared access signatures (Azure Tables only).
  • Define Table Storage metrics and logging settings (Azure Tables only).