CloudXplorer - explore your favorite cloud storage with ease

A rich UI client for browsing Azure Blobs & Files, Amazon S3 or Google Storage.



  • New in v4: support for Office 365 Sharepoint Online.
  • New in v4: support for Box.
  • New in v4: support for Oracle Cloud Storage, Rackspace Cloud Files and SoftLayer Object Storage.
  • New in v4: support for Amazon Cloud Drive.
  • New in v4: support for Google Drive.
  • New in v4: support for Azure DataLake store.
  • New in v4: support for Microsoft OneDrive (Personal and Business).
  • New in v4: support for BackBlaze B2 storage.
  • copy/move your data from Amazon S3/Google Storage to Azure Blobs or Azure Files.
  • Slick UI with a modern Windows-style ribbon.
  • Fast and optimized multithreaded downloads and uploads.
  • Native copy/move blobs/files and folders between different Azure Blobs, Azure Files, Google Storage and Amazon S3 accounts.
  • Search for a specific blob/file/object or folder name/pattern within an account.
  • Report on the contents of a container/share/bucket.
  • Import/export the account information.
  • Organize accounts into logical groups.
  • Drag-and-drop enables dragging files and folders from ZIP-archives etc.
  • Favorites can be used as a container for shortcuts to frequently used locations.
  • Create, expand or shrink VHDs directly in Azure Blobs storage.
  • Access Azure Blobs/Azure Files accounts anonymously using container- and share-based shared access signature tokens.
  • Browse ZIP archives, ISO/CAB/VHD (including Ext, FAT and NTFS file systems) files in-place.
  • Simple and intuitive Windows Explorer-like interface.
  • Full support of Azure Blobs, Azure Files, Amazon S3 and Google Storage.
  • Works with the Azure development storage.
  • Copy and move blobs/files/objects between folders, containers/shares/buckets or even different accounts (Azure Blobs & Azure Files).
  • Rename and delete blobs/files/objects, create new containers/shares/buckets and folders.
  • Upload local files/directories and download blobs/files/objects or entire folders.
  • Auto-resume upload and download of large files.
  • Set and retrieve extended properties like Content-Encoding, Cache-Control etc.
  • Store and retrieve blob/file and container/share metadata.
  • Set container access control and manage container/share access policies.
  • Create, delete, promote or download blob snapshots (Azure Blobs) or object versions (Amazon S3/Google Storage).
  • Create shared access signatures for containers and blobs (Azure Blobs), shares and files (Azure Files) or signed URLs (Amazon S3/Google Storage).
  • Supports drag-and-drop (with Aero effects on Windows Vista/7).
  • Non-blocking operations with the native progress dialogs.

Download a fully functional 30-days evaluation version

CloudXplorerCloudXplorer (5.7MB)

Installation instructions

  • Close all running instances of CloudXplorer.
  • Run CloudXplorer installer, follow the instructions and complete the installation. The installation process will remove previous versions of CloudXplorer if present.

System Requirements

  • Operating System:
    Windows Vista or later, Windows 2008 Server or later. Windows Vista/Windows Server 2008 users will need to install a Platform Update containing the Windows Ribbon Library.
  • .NET Framework:
    .NET 4.5 Framework or later.
  • Microsoft Azure/BackBlaze/OneDrive/Amazon S3/Google Storage:
    A Microsoft Azure storage, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Azure DataLake store, BackBlaze B2 storage, Amazon S3, Amazon Cloud Drive or Google storage account.

Pricing options

  • Single User or Machine License - US$59.00


    CloudXplorer is licensed per-user or per-machine.
    Per-user license: you can install the software on any number of your machines provided you are the only user of the product.
    Per-machine license: you can install the software on one (virtual) machine to be used by different users.

    The license is perpetual, e.g. you get all major and minor updates free of charge for the lifetime of the product.

  • Volume pricing

    We offer following discounts when you purchase multiple licenses:

  • # of Licenses

    Unit Price

    % Savings

     1 - 4



     5 - 9



     10 - 19



     20 - 99