CloudXplorer v2 - fully functional 30-days evaluation

CloudXplorerCloudXplorer v2 (3.3 MB)

AzureXplorer - fully functional 30-days evaluation

Visual Studio 2010AzureXplorer for Visual Studio (1.1MB)

Installation instructions

  • Close all running instances of Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Uninstall any previous version of AzureXplorer.
  • Run AzureXplorer installer, follow the instructions and complete the installation.
  • Open Microsoft Visual Studio and go to View » Other Windows » AzureXplorer or press Ctrl-W, V to open the AzureXplorer tool window.
  • Right-click on "Storage services" or "Subscriptions" to add a storage account or subscription.

CloudXplorer v1 - Free Download

CloudXplorerCloudXplorer v1 (1.6MB)
CloudXplorer v1 At RoozzTry CloudXplorer v1 online at Roozz

TableXplorer - Free Download

TableXplorerTableXplorer (1.8MB)
TableXplorer At RoozzTry TableXplorer online at Roozz